Jump in! You’ve discovered clean communication.
It’s about easy, clear, honest and friendly communication between you and your designer…
…and between you and your audience.

The business

With Andrew Bath, you have access to some of the best value graphic design available. It’s a central part of the ethic of the business.

You’ll have prompt contact via email, phone, Skype and/or Jabber wherever you are.

With the power of the net, your location is no obstacle to a smooth project. I work with people across Australia, in Europe, the United States of America and many other parts of the world. I’m currently based in the centre of Bristol in the U.K.

Everything from logos and business cards to websites and vehicle signage from a friendly and reliable designer. You’ve found the perfect solution for micro and small businesses and non-profit organisations.

The process

Get in touch to initiate your project. Then we can organise an initial consultation, in person or via phone, email, Skype or Jabber. You’ll then be offered a quotation which includes a proposed time schedule.

The design process consists of design and communication as I design and you give your feedback and suggestions at various stages. Generally, an initial design option will be agreed upon and then revised over a couple of stages.

Whatever the nature of the project you will receive technically correct files of the final designs in various appropriate formats.

The designer

My aim is to bring professional graphic design within the budgets of those who might otherwise have to opt for an amateur DIY job.

Of course that doesn’t exclude larger scale projects with more extensive budgets where more time can be deployed for a more complex result.

I have personal interest in a plethora of social, political, ecological and business issues. So I can design with understanding of your content, and bring a depth and passion to your materials.

Graphic designing began for me over 20 years ago in the days of cut-and-paste. So when I decided to pursue it professionally 7 years ago, it was time to study and update my skills. I graduated from a 2 year diploma as a prize winner in three categories (annual report, corporate style guide and animation) and overall winner.

Clients are saying“Andrew described our joint involvement in the development of my series of Pilates DVD covers as “easy and friendly” which is so true. I found Andrew was both, but would also add patient, extremely creative and committed to meeting all my requests with a smile. I am totally delighted with our result. They are brilliant.”
Pamela White of Stillpoint Seminars